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    I am setting the option valus like this <BR>&#060;OPTION value="notselected" &#062;Please select one&#060;/OPTION&#062; <BR>and trying to print it out like this <BR>&#060;%if request.form("chooser") = "notselected" then <BR>&#039;user did not select anything <BR>Response.Write "helo" <BR>else <BR>Response.Write "selected" <BR>end if%&#062; <BR>but it is not getting the if block... <BR>any ideas <BR><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>

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    You&#039;re not trying to do this on the same page without a refresh, are you? If you are, you can&#039;t do it that way...

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    you wait for ONLY 3 minutes before you repost???<BR><BR>

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    **** it, I didn&#039;t see this earlier... this is why I HATE it when people repost (and only 3 minutes apart????)<BR><BR>

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