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    Suppose you make an ASP application and then sell it, is there any way to "compile" the code so it can&#039;t be modified?<BR><BR>Is there any way to make it into a .dll file without redoing the whole thing in VB?<BR><BR>

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    Default Want protection.....hire the mafia

    I really do not thik there is a way out other than converting the whole thing into a DLL.

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    Default Actually.....

    I know the code can be encrypted. I downloaded a demo asp application a few months ago. I opened up the asp and saw a bunch of jibberish. It did not use any dll&#039;s and was a time expiring application, so thats why.<BR><BR>Good question...Id like to find that one out too!<BR><BR>Good luck

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    If you ever figure out how, let me know:<BR>

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