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    My web application has been running great for months and over the last 2 weeks I decided to make a few optimizations such as disabling session state where not needed and accessing recordset fields by ordinal value. Little things like that.<BR><BR>Well for the last week IIS peformance has degraded and there seems to be a delay in between requests and db connections. When I disable session state through IIS for the entire app it seems db connections perform much quicker.<BR><BR>To summ up my problem when session state is enabled the first request is processed quickly but a delay is noticed with each additional request. This does not happen when sessions are turned off however requests are still slower then usual when processing multiple images on one page in either case.<BR><BR>I&#039;m completely lost and was hoping somone out there has come across this problem before. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Have you checked your IIS and NT Eventlogs for signs of problems?

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