Uploading a file into a database.

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Thread: Uploading a file into a database.

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    I know there is a &#039;file&#039; type you can use for the user to search his/her PC for a file, however once the file has been found, I need another button to upload that file into a database, into the current record. A user will select from his/her PC a picture and then upload it into the database on the server when they click the final Submit button, (which submits the form as well). What functions do I need for this?<BR>I have no idea on this one, so any help is gratefully recieved.

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    you can either use vbscript to write the code for uploading the file or buy a software that does it for you. Be advised though, writing your own code could be cumbersome, visit www.softartisans.com and download their evaluation version, using this component you can upload a file to the web server in 3-4 lines of code and is very useful too.<BR>good luck

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