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    Nick Ward Guest

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    This is driving me to drink and was hoping someone could put me out of my misery.... <BR><BR>The message sent back from the request form is saved in a variable called mstraction. Basically i&#039;m try to validate the entries to make sure they are populated. If the&#039;re empty they are redirected back to the same page to have another go.<BR><BR>Valid="true" &#039;innocent until proven guilty!<BR>if mstraction="I" then<BR> if request("eventname")="" then<BR> valid="False"<BR> end if<BR> if request("cboday")="" then<BR> valid ="False"<BR> end if<BR> Response.Redirect "page.asp?action=L" end if<BR><BR> if valid="true" then<BR> select case mstrAction &#039; to insert the records in to the database (other cases involved)<BR><BR>well the first &#039;if request("eventname")="" then&#039; works fine<BR>but if i fill in this field and wait for the other &#039;if statement&#039; to kick in it just ignores it and generates and error when trying to update the databasr with only 1 field!<BR><BR>any help would help keep out of the betty ford clinic!<BR>

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    Ed Guest

    Default Why not...

    Make sure they populate the info with client side validation? instead of taking the validation to the server?

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    double check your variable names and i would use<BR><BR>if NOT len(Request("cboday")) &#060;&#062; 0 then<BR> valid = "FALSE"<BR>end if<BR><BR>Also, make sure in the HTML input tag that there is not a space in your value attribute.<BR>

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