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    Bernard Goh Guest

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    Hi all,<BR><BR>Anyone know how to show and hide web content besides using style="display:none;" ? Coz this attribute doesn&#039t support by Netscape.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Bernard <BR><BR>

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    Joe Fawcett Guest

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    You can set = &#039visible&#039 / &#039hidden&#039<BR>in IE or<BR>document.layer.visibility = &#039visible&#039 / &#039hidden&#039<BR>in Netscape (I think those are the terms in Netscape but check that, I&#039m so used to IE now that I&#039ve forgotten.)<BR>The difference between &#039visibility&#039 and &#039display&#039 is that with the former the object is placed on the page but not visible so you get a gap where it is, whereas the latter does not render the object at all.

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    Bernard Goh Guest

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    Hi, <BR><BR>Thanks for replying my message, but is there a way to overcome the gap problem in layer&#039s visibility properties ?<BR><BR>Rgds,<BR>Bernard Goh

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