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    I have a list of records being pulled out of the database. Deside each record is a check box. I want the user to check any number of records than run an insert. Only those recors where checked is true are to be inserted. I can ignore the rest. I know this is easy but just cant get it to work

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    Give all the checkboxes same name set the ID as the value.<BR><BR>then when you submit the page you will only get the IDs of the checkboxes that were checked delimited by a , <BR><BR>Based on that use the replace function to replace " ," with "," (if the IDs are numeric) or "&#039;,&#039;" (if string)<BR>OR<BR>use the split function to get an array of the IDs then loop through the array and insert<BR><BR>

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    I humbly apologise. I had not read this response when I looked in the other forum. Thank you for the help.

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