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    Bernard Goh Guest

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    Hi all,<BR><BR>I&#039m very new in writing a ActiveX Dll. So I&#039m very frustated with the reboot problem.<BR><BR>Whenever I compile and run an dll, It cannot be replace anymore until I reboot my server. <BR><BR>I get very frustated especially I&#039m trying some new code. Anyone out there know how to avoid rebooting the server or is there any better way to test my dll ? <BR>

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    Bernard,<BR>If you are running this component in a MTS package, you must right click the computer in the MMC and select stop server processes to free the component. Also make sure that your compatibility in your project properties is set to project compatibility while you are still making interface changes.<BR>Hope that helps!!

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    LaDonna Guest

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    This is a known problem with the way NT and IIS handle the DLL. Even if you stop the IIS service, if you run Task Manager and look at the running processes, you will still see a inetinfo.exe process. This is the process that has a lock on your DLL. If you try to kill it from Task Manager, you will not be able to. The only way to kill this (other than rebooting the machine) is to download a utility that allows you to kill specific processes on NT. The NT Server Resource Kit has some utilities for this (tlist and kill). The documentation in the Resource Kit explains how to use these. Then, when you want to get rid of your DLL, you need to unregister it using REGSRV32 /U, stop the IIS service, then run the utility to kill the INETINFO.exe process. Then you should be able to successfully delete the DLL or recompile it to overwrite the existing one. <BR><BR>If this doesn&#039t work for you, write back and I will try to help more.

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    Bernard Goh Guest

    Default Thanks a lot guys

    Thanks alot for the solution provided. Thanks !! It really helps!!<BR>

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    I&#039ve had success doing the following:<BR>unregister the component<BR>at a command prompt stop iis (net stop iisadmin /y)<BR>delete the file<BR>upload new file<BR>at a command prompt net start w3svc

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