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    can any kind soul(s) review the following code & comment , & if its not optimal suggest improvements. i&#039;m re-using the connection object & also the variable. it works fine but the books i&#039;ve read don&#039;t do this, so i just wanted to check up.<BR><BR>sql = "select count(*) from table"<BR>cnn.execute (sql)<BR>....<BR>....<BR>.....<BR>sql="select * from table"<BR>cnn.execute(sql2) <BR>...<BR>cnn.close<BR>...<BR>

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    sql = "select count(MyFieldId) from table" <BR><BR>And also, select only the fields you actually need from the select statement.<BR><BR>Re-using the connection looks ok to me.

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    anywhere saying using con object to execute multiple queries is bad.Infact, i would say(ofcourse learnt books)<BR><BR>1.If u want to execute same query multiple times use Rs<BR>2.Use Conn to execute diff. queries on diff. contexts<BR><BR>thus u reduce burden on server.<BR><BR>So, No problem for U.<BR>

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