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    I am currently at a client who uses ASP 2.0 as their server-side scripting language and VBScript as their client-side scripting language. Javascript is strictly forbidden (some standard set years ago). They now want to move to ASP.NET.<BR><BR>My question is, is it true, that with ASP.NET you are FORCED to abandon client side VBscript altogether? What happens on a conversion from an ASP file with VbScript to an ASP.NET?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help!

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    You can use whatever *client-side* script you want. ASP.NET, just like ASP, works only on the Web server, sending vanilla HTML to the browser. Now, if your question is must be adandom VBScript as a server-side script? The answer is, unfortunately, yes. You can use VB.NET, Microsoft&#039;s latest version of VB, but this has some breaking changes from VB 6/VBScript.<BR><BR>Regarding client-side scripting, though, you can send VBScript or JavaScript or whatever just like you do with classic ASP. HTH.

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