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    Breda MC Carthy Guest

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    Hi .. i&#039;m designing an interent notice board,in which users will be able to create notices. I will be using a database to hold user details and notice details. If i use ASP, is it possible to do grpahics with it. Will it redraw a notice board each time with the updated notices. <BR>Please help,<BR>Thanks again.

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    <eop> Guest

    Default What exactly is your question?


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    Breda Guest

    Default RE: What exactly is your question?

    Is it possible to draw graphics with ASP or will it only do database stuff.

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    Ed Guest

    Default RE: What exactly is your question?

    Draw graphics? No... Apply style sheets, or any other HTML design, yes. I&#039;m still not sure about your question though. What exactly do you mean draw graphics?

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    breda Guest

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    Ok sorry ,let me try again. I am working on a project in which i am designing a notice board. Everytime a user submits a new add it is placed in a particlar place on the notice board.The details for the notice is taken from a form. Is it possible using ASP to redraw this web page with the new notice placed within a noticeboard.

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    Ed Guest

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    Yes it is... What are you using to capture and store your information? Access? SQL? This is possible using ASP and any scripting language of your choice. <BR><BR>Is this helping you? I&#039;m sorry that this answer is vague, but it&#039;s difficult to help without more information. Technically speaking... In laymans terms, that&#039;s the best answer I can come up with.<BR><BR>

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    breda Guest

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    Thank you .... now i can at least go and figure it all out with the knowledge that its possible using ASp

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    Ed Guest

    Default You are at the right place!

    Check this site out,<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>4 Guys is still the best though... In my Humble Opinion.

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