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    I&#039;m about to start making all my web pages transactional<BR>in order to make them more robust, and to cause rollback<BR>in the database if any errors happen afterwards<BR><BR>has anyone had any problems with doing this ??<BR><BR> .. i think it could be a valuable aid to <BR>error handling, but am not so sure of the <BR>transactional state between pages<BR> <BR>ie i could have multiple transactions going on <BR>and am not so sure where & errors occured

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    I thought you could only rollback an SQL statement while in the context of it, you can&#039;t do some ASP code then rollback a few ASP pages later - I could be wrong!<BR><BR>SQL Server is transactional anyway i.e. a statement occurs or it doesn&#039;t which inherently gives it robustness. So if you are not using an relational database and require robustness perhaps you should be.

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