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    hi, this script is supposed to calculate quantity item ordered (from order-form) times its price (in array) as its subPrice.<BR>the problem: it executes all decimals but the zero (and blank).<BR>my question: doesn it happen because of the use of parseInt?<BR>Could you tell me how to solve this problem? thanks<BR>======================================== =======================<BR>if (int parseInt(document.order.elements["quantity"+arr[i]].value)){<BR>subPrice=parseInt(document.order.elem ents["quantity"+arr[i]].value)*price[i];<BR>subPrice=round(subPrice);<BR>document.order.e lements["total"+arr[i]].value="$"+subPrice;<BR> total+=subPrice;<BR>}<BR>

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    try parseFloat()<BR><BR>j

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