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    My company is connecting to internet through a proxy server on a NT<BR>server(wich is at the same time our PDC)<BR>in our BDC I installed IIS 4., and an intranet site. Our users from a remote<BR>location (connected trough DDN) are abling to access Internet, but could not<BR>browse the intranet site on the BDC. However, if we change the proxy server<BR>setting of the internet browser on the user machine to the IP of the BDC,<BR>the remote users could browse the intranet site. But they can not browse<BR>internet.<BR>Could you help me to fix that problem because I need it urgently

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    Have you checked this?<BR><BR>For IE 5.0<BR>1. Go to Tools &#062; Internet Options &#062; Connections &#062; LAN Settings<BR>2. Make sure the check box is check for "ByPass ProxyServer for Local Address"<BR><BR>This should solve the issue of being able to browse the the intranet<BR><BR>SKOOTER<BR><BR><BR>

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