&nbsp;<BR>As a New VB and ASP programmer,,, I took the time to copy and<BR> modify !--#include subroutines that I found at:<BR> &#060;http://www.activeserverpages.com/learn/subreusable.asp&#062; <BR> (I also find great stuff on this site "aspmessageboard.com")<BR><BR>such that I can now call same with variables of TableName(s), Join(s), Order on, Number of fields, with/without FieldHeaders,, w/wo HREF fields calling dataform w/which?, BackGround and Foreground alternating colors, Varying the Alignment, Position, Width and Form of boarders…<BR><BR>My real question is,, having done the above to support Tables, Lists, Buttons And CheckBoxes, IS THERE a real (RAD, Reusability, Resource, Overhead, Look/Feel, etc.) Benefit from creating my own Controls (using Visual Interdev 6.0 and the associated learning curve for same) for things like GRID DTC, over using the HTML types grenerated from VB ASP&#039s ???? <BR><BR>I’ve seen articles here and elsewhere that have me questioning my next direction..<BR><BR>Secondly, has anyone else cobbled together a complete Library of Variable driven ASP’s for all the HTML types and properties so I don’t have to re-invent this wheel ???<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>