When to Use and Not Use XML?

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Thread: When to Use and Not Use XML?

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    Is there any point in using XML when I am displaying dynamic data from a database? Would it not be more of a resource drain to make the call to the database, create the xml, create the xml object, and parse to display?

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    I think it depends more on the application. If the only reason you would have to switch to XML would be for its own sake, then yes it would be slower because it's just an extra step. The allure of XML (at least for me) is that it is very simple to transform the data in different ways with relatively little work (compared with writing separate asp pages). In particular, if you are viewing the same data in multiple formats, or especially if you are displaying for desktop and phones, etc. Also, if you have data that needs to be exported to outside sites. Otherwise, I'd say stick with what you have.

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