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    Default Redirect to simulate form submission

    I have a project where I have to have a user fill in a form and then it gets sent to a third party for credit card processing. I want to grab the info and store it before it gets sent to the third party, but I don&#039;t know how to redirect it and have the information sent as a post. It will not accept a querystring.<BR><BR>Any advice would be helpful.

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    Default ASPTear?

    Search 4Guys for articles on ASPTear. Seems to me you could do what you want that way, and in the process avoid the Response.Redirect and the loss of control.<BR><BR>Another way: Instead of Response.Redirect, return a page with a copy of the form, but using 100% TYPE=HIDDEN form fields, to the user. Then do &#060;BODY onLoad="document.theHiddenForm.submit();"&#062;<BR ><BR>Probably just have the visible part of the page be something like "please wait...".<BR><BR>

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