Hi,<BR><BR>I have used some pre-built asp applications in the past. You know the kind...prebuilt news uploaders etc.<BR><BR>I am working on one of my own. Now with ASP 2.0 you basically made a template page and had your asp application page load the template page, split it, and stick its code into the middle of it... The major draw back is that your template page can&#039;t have any asp code or includes in it (well, it can but they will not execute).<BR><BR>With ASP 3.0 we have Server.Transfer which seems to work nicely. The template page can transfer to the asp application page and then back. Code and includes can now work nicely and the template page is the one you link to rather than the asp page (though I find that the template page and the application page have to be in the same dir...for relative url unless I am mistaken on this).<BR><BR>So my question is, which is the best method to use? I have built my little application using both methods and I can&#039;t really see a speed difference. Does anyone foresee any problems using the Server.Transfer method?<BR><BR>Thank you for any advice...especially Bill Wilkinson who has answered a couple of my questions. Bill Rules!<BR><BR>Smo