I have read as much as I can about using application and session variables. On my application I ask the user to insert 1 or more fields to search database. It should retrieve all that meet criteria. But sometimes (ex.) "Robert" may give them 30 matches and the next time 0 matches and the next time 29 matches, leaving the first blank. I am assigned application variables within response page and global.asa that does a Session.Abandon.<BR><BR>Have a misinturpreted some of the information I&#039ve read? How can I get different results each time. I am accessing Pick Database after creating a Session.<BR><BR>Some of my code:<BR>Set Application("Session") = CreateObject("UniVerse.Session.1")<BR>Set MyArray = CreateObject("UniVerse.DynamicArray.1")<BR><BR>App lication("Session").Username = "***"<BR>Application("Session").Password = "-----"<BR>Application("Session").AccountPath = "PRODUCERS"<BR>Application("Session").HostName = "fb_uvi"<BR>Response.Write "Establishing Connection.....Processing Data"<BR>Application("Session").Connect<BR><BR><BR >If Application("Session").IsActive Then<BR><BR> If Application("SOCIAL_SECURITY") &#060;&#062;....<BR><BR>I hope I have delivered enough info to recieve some help. Thanks in advance<BR>