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    tabsquare Guest

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    How do I upload a file using the form field below?<BR><BR>&#060;form name="form1" enctype="multipart/form-data"&#062;<BR> &#060;input type="file" name="file"&#062;<BR>&#060;/form&#062;<BR>Thanks<BR>

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    The code that you show isn&#039;t complete. That&#039;s just the form for the user to select the file you need the code that acually uploads the file. Try here: aspin.com.

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    tabsquare Guest

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    well, of course, the asp one. I will take a look if I can find how uploading files work<BR>thanks

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    tabsquare Guest

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    I have found some, but I seen always thing with dll&#039;s and hard stuff etc.. isn&#039;t there a faster and easier way?

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