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    Default dictionary object

    Could anyone please let me know the details about dictionary object.what are the methods present in dictionary object

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    Default Read the manual...

    (1) In the left hand column of this screen, under the topic "Resources", click on the line titled "VBScript Reference".<BR><BR>(2) In the right hand column of the page that then pops up (in a new window, incidentally), click on the entry titled "Objects".<BR><BR>(3) In the list of objects that then appears even further right, click on "Dictionary Object". *ALL* the properties and methods of the Dictionary Object are listed on the page that then pops up.<BR><BR>A better alternative is to go to http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting and download the "compiled help" version of these same docs, after which you will then have an even more usable set of docs on your own machine.<BR><BR>Learn to use online resources. MS goes to a *LOT* of work to put them up on the Web, so why not use them?

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