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    Hi,<BR> I have a page with three frames.<BR>In the left frame I have menu bottons and when i click one of the them,it should display the page in the main frame.<BR>For this I have specified a target attribute.<BR> Here&#039s my problem I click a menu button and the page is displayed in the target frame,but when I click the second menu button the page is not getting displayed in the target frame,instead the first one is there.<BR>I have to come back and click the second menu button so that it gets displayed in the target frame.<BR>Can any one help me on this.<BR>Regards,<BR>Vikki

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    When you work with frames you have to tell them what you want to do for every link, button etc... <BR>Much like computers you must specifically tell them what to do.<BR>If you set the target for each link to go into the mainpage frame you should have no problems.<BR><BR>Hope That Helps.<BR>

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