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    JB Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>Does anyone know where I can find a Browser address replacement table.<BR><BR>For instance: In the URL<BR><BR><BR><BR>is the same as:<BR><BR> top stories&o=xml<BR><BR><BR>The Browser replaces a space with %20.<BR><BR>But what is the %3A a replacement for?<BR><BR>Does anyone know where to find a table of this info?<BR><BR>Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks,<BR><BR><BR>JB<BR>

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    Rob Guest

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    the %3A is for a semicolon (:)<BR>hope this helps<BR>Rob

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    Rob Guest

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    if you can&#039;t find the table, try adding a list of characters to a table and run a query, to see the codes.<BR>Table<BR>:<BR>;<BR>&#039;<BR>"<BR>[<BR>]<BR>{<BR>}<BR>&#124 etc., <BR>then put into array and run a loop like this<BR>Response.write "&#060;a href=&#039;" & varcode & "&#039;&#062;" & varcode<BR>end your loop<BR><BR>when you run your page, place your mouse over the URL and look at the links URL in the status menu, there is your homemade table<BR><BR>Good Luck

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    JB Guest

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    Thanks Rob,<BR><BR>I think I will try it.<BR><BR>JB

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    Rob Guest

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    Just found a better way<BR>

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