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    I just installed IE5 on my home system (win98, VS6, Access 97) and now whenever I try to connect to any of my development ASP pages I get the error:<BR><BR>ADODB.Connection error 800a0e7a<BR>ADO could not find the specified provider<BR><BR>Only the ADO component seems to be affected as other ASP code works fine in the pages.<BR><BR>I have tried removing and reinstalling Access in the hope that this might replace a missing/corrupted component, but no luck.<BR><BR>Any ideas anyone?

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    Hmmm... sounds like an error discovered by Alex B., a columnist at 4Guys. Alex ran into problems with ODBC referring scripts after he installed IE5 on his PWS system. Although the symptoms he noted were different, the same set of steps were taken to produce the error. Alex wrote an article on a work around to this bug. You can read the work around at the URL:<BR><BR><BR><BR>(Just to let you know, the work around is not an "official" fix by word of Microsoft. It&#039s just a work around Alex found that worked for him.)

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