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    I have a Windows 98 and a Windows ME computer at home. I am going to upgrade from Access to SQL Server ... but I obviously need SQL on my developer machine at home too. So I have a few questions:<BR><BR>1) Can SQL Server run on Windows 98/ME? How about NT Workstation?<BR>2) I have a 120 day evaluation version of SQL. When I install it, it says it can only install the "Client Components" on Windows 98/ME. Does this include the actual database program? I installed it but only saw a bunch of "tools", not the program itself!<BR><BR>All I really need is some form of SQL which will let me open and view my SQL database once that is what I am using on the server. I need to be able to open my own database :-) I appreciate the help.

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    If you have Windows 98, it ships with the MSDE which is a somewhat scaled down version of SQL Server. If you are worried about viewing the data, and don&#039;t have the full sqlserver, you can create a linked table in Access that will allow you to view the full contents of the MSDE database.<BR><BR>To create a linked table, you just to create a new linked table in access and choose ODBC databases, then choose the sqlserver driver. You will then need to create a dsn to the MSDE database and reference the database using the DSN<BR><BR>mj

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