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    I live in England and I&#039;m looking for a job/contract/freelance project starting on 12th March. I&#039;m willing to relocate (for one thing I&#039;d like to see the world).<BR>I am an ASP developer with 2+ years experience. I love working with: ASP (obviously), (D)HTML, SQL Server 7, Javascript, VB6, Access, Interdev & Source Safe, etc, plus some XML.<BR><BR>Just packed in a financially (and spiritually) unrewarding job. So I need something stimulating soon!<BR><BR>Check out my web-site (where you can find my CV):<BR><BR><BR>E-mail me at

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    welcome to the club,PAL

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    I am looking for an ASP developer to help out with my new site, you may be interested but you may not. The problem I have is that as the web site will be the main source of income for the company i cant afford to pay to have it developed. I have used a couple of people i know but i now need someone who can use access databases and develop a couple of pages with them.<BR><BR>If you are at all interested then please contact me,<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Andr ew

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    Maybe you should come to an arrangement with a developer where they get paid when you make a profit. Or are you just after a free ride<BR><BR>James

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    Default No such thing as a free launch...

    So you want someone to develop a web site for free which will become your company&#039;s main source of income. As your website (the bits that work that is) shows you to be based in the UK, you should probably be aware that there is a minimum wage in that country, and furthermore that there is an IT skills shortage.<BR><BR>Pay peanuts, get monkeys. Pay nothing get nothing, or at least nothing that would work as a company&#039;s main source of income.

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