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    I am creating a table that has a list box at the end of each row. The list box, however, takes up the space equivilent to two rows (no other rows are word wrapping). Does anyone know how constrain the height of the list box to one row? (I try using the hight attribute in the <TD>, but to no avail.

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    i dont think list box spans 2 rows, it will do so only if u have a multi select list box where u can make multiple selections adn there also if u specify the size property. there ur select tag would look like this:<BR>&#060;select name="abc" size="2" multiple="true"&#062;<BR>size: how many list box options to be shown at the same time.<BR>(the above will show 2 options on the screen and for the rest u will need to click and may be scroll)<BR>multiple: whether u can make more than one selection or not.<BR>----------------------------------<BR>just set the size property to 1 in ur select tag, though i think this is default.<BR>------------------<BR>good luk

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    The size if definitely set to one. The list box itself does not span two rows. It appears that the box takes up one row, followed by a break, so there is a forced blank line after the box itself.

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