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    Hello!<BR><BR>is this command possible on Windows 2000 Server <BR><BR>objConn.Provider = "MSDataShape"<BR><BR>Cause my web server is using chili!Soft Asp and is not letting me do datashaping!<BR><BR>I would like to ask if it is possible on IIS 4 or 5<BR><BR>thanks

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    You need to use NT and IIS. It is part of the MDAC. Just a question - what is the point of running ASP under chilisoft? It kinda defeats the purpose of ASP doesn&#039;t it - I mean access to the objects is where it&#039;s at, and you wont find those objects on other platforms unless you buy or write them yourself. I hope you haven&#039;t talked yourself into doing that for stability reasons.

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