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    I have some scripts that have taken me month to develop. <BR>The only way I can protect them from curious server admins<BR>must be to compile the most vital parts. <BR>Is there a way to access a compiler without having to bye<BR>the entire ”Microsoft Visual Basic” package. My scripts are<BR>based on VBScript to about 90%, and about 10% JAVAScript.<BR><BR>Please help!<BR><BR>Kennet

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    Default You can't compile VBScript...

    You&#039;d have to convert your code to VB and *then* compile it. A true pain in the rear.<BR><BR>Anyway, if you want to be a professional developer, you have to have professional tools. So, yes, you need to purchase Visual Basic. I might note that you can probably get away with buying the next older version than the current one, perhaps a used copy, maybe on ****.<BR><BR>

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