"response.buffer=true " wont do it...

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Thread: "response.buffer=true " wont do it...

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    Default "response.buffer=true " wont do it...

    &nbsp;<BR>Hi again!<BR><BR>Below is what I wrote a day ago. I have still got no answer that<BR>satisfies me, and "YES" of course I have &#060;%response.buffer=true%&#062;<BR>at the top of my script....it just wont do it.<BR><BR>XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX<BR><BR>Incomplete html response..??<BR><BR>I have a rather heavy script (VBScript) that builds all the e-<BR>comers functions I need on a site. My problem is that my server <BR>(PWS) isn’t fast enough (I guess), I have the PWS in the same <BR>computer I do my scripting in, so not only do I have a old <BR>computer (se below), it will have to do the server part, as well <BR>as being the client computer....<BR><BR>Sometimes only, let’s say 75 - 80%, of the script gives a correct response, the rest, sometimes appears as ”html rubbish”, <BR>or not at all. Then I refresh my browser, Explorer 5.0, and <BR>everything reappears, but now 100% perfect.<BR><BR>I guess that this has to do with my antique computer, a pentium <BR>166MHz with 64 Mb ram (Win95)......or do my problems come from <BR>all the subroutines, and functions I have in my script...????<BR><BR>Have anyone else come across this problem, and if so, is my <BR>assumptions above correct,.<BR><BR>Please let me know<BR><BR>XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX<BR><BR>Very best to you all<BR><BR>Kennet <BR>

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    Default RE: Workaroud

    Go to www.Brinkster.com if your PWS is not powerful enough.<BR>You&#039;ll have to register, but you can then test stuff off their more powerful web server. At least then you&#039;ll know if it&#039;s the power of you webserver that is the problem, or if it is something else!<BR>Hope this help some.<BR>Chris

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