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Thread: Script error when input = imke

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    Mathias Vissers Guest

    Default Script error when input = imke

    Hello,<BR><BR>I am webmaster of the following site:<BR><BR>So you can see, there is a login-page. Everything works fine, but this week I found a very strange bug. When your login is equal to "imke", and you log in (it doesn&#039;t matter wich password you choose in this case), you view a white page!<BR>Nothing happens after that.<BR><BR>Can anybody help me and find the problem?<BR><BR>Bye, Mathias Vissers<BR>

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    Default Show code...

    No way we could possibly help you debug this without your showing us your code.<BR><BR>

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    Mathias Vissers Guest

    Default RE: Show code...

    Can I mail him, it is a very long code...<BR><BR>bye<BR>

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