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    Barry S. Guest

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    What&#039;s the best setup (hardware and software) to start dabbling in server-side development for IIS?<BR><BR>Specifically:<BR><BR>- My background includes a couple of years of VB client-server development and about a year of intranet development with Cold Fusion, with Oracle sprinkled throughout. Many years of VMS work prior to this (C and FORTRAN).<BR><BR>- I&#039;ve got an idea for some server-side components that I&#039;d like to develop to run under ASP and IIS, accessing back-end databases such as SQLserver and Oracle.<BR><BR>- I want to start this at home, on a limited budget.<BR><BR>The Question:<BR><BR>To do this on the cheap, can I set up a realistic development environment on a SINGLE machine, using:<BR>- Windows 2000 Professional (not &#039;Server&#039;)<BR>- Visual Studio (VB and C++)<BR>- SQLserver (some edition that does not require Win2000 Server)<BR>- IIS (again, some version that does not require Win2000 Server)<BR>I&#039;d like to keep the investment in hardware and software below $3,000. The further below, the better.<BR><BR>Would this be too limiting? Are there problems trying to simulate a multi-tier application on one machine? (eg: things that don&#039;t work quite the same when everything is on one box)<BR><BR>The next step up would be to use a SINGLE machine, with Win2000 Server. A bit more expensive.<BR><BR>The final step would be to actually set up a real server and client. This would be significantly more expensive. I&#039;d really like to avoid this until I have a better idea of how far I can take this project.<BR><BR>Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Barry S.<BR>Phoenix, AZ<BR><BR>

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    Barry, <BR>I&#039;m afraid what you want to do is a fairly expensive proposition.<BR>If you are willing to forgo the SQL Server bit, You can certainly develop on a Win2K Professional machine using IIS (which is included)...To keep the cost down, you could use MS Acess for your database connectivity.<BR>A full version of Visual Studio Pro, is, however, around 1300-1400 bucks if I remember correctly. <BR>If you MUST have SQL Server (which only runs on Win2k Server...)<BR>You might want to try MS Small Business Server.<BR>List price on it is $1500 bucks, and it is limited to 50 client connections ( 5 are included and you can purchase up to 45 more)<BR>and it comes with Win2K Server, SQL Server 2000, Exchange Server 2000, Frontpage 2000, IIS 5.0, and several other programs. <BR>Probably the best, and cheapest way to get your hands on SQL Server.<BR>HTH<BR><BR>Xander

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    Barry Guest

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    Xander,<BR><BR>Thanks for the info. Microsoft&#039;s web site does mention a SQLServer &#039;Developer&#039; edition that apparently runs on Win2K Pro, but I don&#039;t know what practical limitations that might have. MS Access is a possibility, but I&#039;d be afraid that there are just too many differences between Access and SQLServer or Oracle that would lead to a lot of rework when I finally got to trying to run in the target environment.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Barry

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