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    Just a concern. I am developing my site. Which do you think is more have a framed site or to use tables. I am in a fix. Please advise. Thanks.

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    Hi,<BR><BR> It all depends on what you want to accomplish with the web site.<BR> If the content of yor site is going to take you from one page to another with few distractions !,a page with out frames wil be better.<BR> In case the content is such that the user has to click everytime for a new piece of information a design with frames will look better.<BR> i.e when your page has more content go for one without frames.<BR><BR> Further if you want to show the results from two or more separate actions in one page , the one with frames will look better.<BR> Again from the maintenence point of view, pages with frames will make content updation easy!<BR> hope this would suffice,need more, reach me at<BR><BR>bye<BR><BR>rajesh

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    Thanks a lot Rajesh. Your opion really helped me in deciding the layout for my website. I will go for the frames, as managing the site would be easier, I feel.

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