can&#039;t get it to work...<BR><BR> After reading chapter 8 I felt that further investigation of client side form validation was important since my forms will need to implement it. I did a search on client side form validation within MSDN Library and stumbled across this code: <BR><BR>Function myForm_onSubmit <BR>Dim msgError <BR>Dim fRef <BR>Set fRef = document.myForm &#039;get my form reference <BR><BR>If fRef.Email.Value = "" Then <BR>msgError = msgError & Chr(13) & "Email must have a value." <BR>ElseIf InStr(fRef.Email.Value, "@") = 0 Then <BR>msgError = msgError & Chr(13) & "Email must have an ""@"" sign." <BR>End If <BR>If msgError &#060;&#062; "" Then &#039;print error message if validation failure <BR><BR>MsgBox "There was a problem with your submission:" _ <BR> & Chr(13) & msgError & Chr(13) & Chr(13) _ <BR> & "Please change your input and submit again." <BR>myForm_onSubmit = False <BR>Else <BR>myForm_onSubmit = True <BR>End If <BR> End Function <BR><BR>Is the above code VBScript and can it run from within &#060;% ... %&#062; tags? It seemed perfect for what I needed to do. Is ASP capable of form validation or is Javascript better for that.<BR><BR>Mike