need help , my hair is turning grey ,, :)

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Thread: need help , my hair is turning grey ,, :)

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    hurri Guest

    Default need help , my hair is turning grey ,, :)

    ok its like this ,, any one know how to to this ,, <BR>if i present some data from my database and make them to links,and then i wanna do like this that when i click on the link lets say the link is "hurri" i would wanna present the rest of the data thats in the same row in the data base as ´"hurri" on the same html page ,, thats the real problem , ,i manage to to the operation on 2 different pages but not on one ,,(hmm om i making any sense here´?) plz i could really use some help here ,, my hair is turning grey and my keybord cant stand for anymore beatings,, :P

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default RE: need help , my hair is turning grey ,, :)

    Huh? You have got to be a teenage girl... I don&#039;t understand a word you&#039;re saying ;)<BR><BR>What is "i wanna do like this that when i click on the link"? Do you want to list all data that is related somehow?<BR><BR>I&#039;m totally lost here...

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    hurri Guest

    Default RE: need help , my hair is turning grey ,, :)

    heh no im not a teenage girl ,, im swedish ,, and yeah i wanna show soem of the data thats related to the "link" on the same page ,, like in a different tabel or so ,,

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    Default Hmmmm

    i must have spent about 10 min reading your post over and over again and i just cant understand what you were saying.<BR><BR>so risking sounding stupid........please post in ENGLISH

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default RE: need help , my hair is turning grey ,, :)

    Oh, okay.....<BR><BR>Well, you can&#039;t requery a database on the server from the client without a refresh... the only option you have to do it on one page is to dump all the information onto the client in the first place, then use client side scripting to display whatever "this that" link they clicked ;)<BR><BR>This may not be advisable, depending on how big your db is. If you have 20,000 records, dumping all this info to the client who only wants to view one or two records will easily piss him off (esp if he&#039;s on a 56K modem).<BR><BR>What&#039;s so wrong with your 2 page solution?

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default RE: Hmmmm

    Heh, wasn&#039;t just me then.<BR><BR>I go get a few beers after work now and then right outside my office... Arizona State University is right there... some of those conversations I hear sounded exactly like the poster, so I thought she was a teenage girl. Ah well. Non native English speakers should get some leeway. Fooled me enough, though.

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    hurri Guest

    Default RE: need help , my hair is turning grey ,, :)

    well the thing is that i was just trying to do a one page solution ,, it would have been so simple if it could be dome easyaly ,, well i guess it better then to use the 2 pages solutin ,, well thx for the help any how :) btw u might know ,, how are pages like say this one done ,, are thy done using frames or just tabels , or somethign else ?,, ( im trying to build a home page thats a little bit some thing like this to the page design ,, if i get what i mean ,, like the links to the right and all the texts should show up in the middle ,, and all the links were connecktet to a database,,) huh i hope u get what i mean ,,

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    hurri Guest

    Default RE: Hmmmm

    heh well sorry about that ,, its just really hard for me to try explain things in english ,, its not so easy ,, ;) (and a couple of bees makes it even more difficult)

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