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    I'm thinking of adding a messageboard to a site. (Hopefully, much like this one.) Has anyone done this using Access as a database? Any special software packages that would facilitate this? Any pitfalls to avoid? Any help is appreciated.

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    1. Think very carefully about using Access. It is awful in performance and stability when multiple users are accessing, reading and writing data simultaneously. Your better off using an enterprise level DB, like Sql Server or a freebie like MySQL from the start, as you will UPGRADE later ! <BR><BR>2. Think about data. Dirty data causes insertion problems with databases - you will need functions to "cleanse" data being input by users prior to inserting into your DB.<BR><BR>3. Functionality - Your messageboard will reflect your database schema, so design from the bottom (database layer) up (application layer)<BR><BR>4. Data types, lengths - Specifying correct data types in the database will help performance in serving back data from your database.<BR><BR>5. COM components for data access. Only use ASP as a wrapper to instantiate COM, which should do everything else e.g. Inserts to DB/Updates/retrieval of records !<BR><BR>Hope this somewhat helps...

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