Can't get XMLHTTP to work asynchronously...

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Thread: Can't get XMLHTTP to work asynchronously...

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    theancient Guest

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    I&#039;m trying to get a XMLHTTP component to work in the background. I&#039;ve seen examples with code similar to this, but it doesn&#039;t work for me. My ReadyStateChange function is never called. What am I doing wrong?<BR><BR>Set xml = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")<BR>xml.on readystatechange = getRef("ReadyStateChange")<BR>xml.Open "GET", "" & Now(), True<BR>xml.Send<BR>Response.Write ("Sent XML request. ReadyState is " & xml.readyState & "&lt;br&gt;")<BR><BR>function ReadyStateChange()<BR> Response.Write ("ReadySateChange: " & xml.readyState & "&lt;br&gt;")<BR>end function<BR>

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    Just use:<BR><BR>xml.onreadystatechange = myFunction()<BR><BR>YOu may also want to change your function&#039;s name... that might be screwing you up.<BR><BR>

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