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    Default ASP uses? I'm lost

    So far I have been using ASP in my applications for over a year and all I have yet to do is use it with an associated DB.<BR><BR>Is there something else ASP can be used for without a DB? Am I only scratching the surface here?

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    Default No, I think you are found...

    Sure, you can use ASP for most anything. I&#039;ve used it to write a calendar program, a loan calculator, and various games. But, truthfully, all of those could have been written in JavaScript and run 100% in the browser.<BR><BR>The best and highest uses of ASP almost all seem to be centered around database usage. <BR><BR>But look around! There are dozens...hundreds, probably...of ASP "help" sites. See what *they* are doing. And look at the thousands of .asp pages on the web. See what they, too, are doing. There are some strange and wonderful uses of ASP. Even in the cases when other technologies could be used, ASP is simply easier. (One example I saw today: The programmer wanted his users to be able to specify how many "cells" they would fill in from a table, then his ASP code generated a table with input cells of that size. You *could* do this in JS code, by using a hidden frame, say, and rewriting the visible frame with the table. But it&#039;s *at least* twice as easy to do the code in ASP.)<BR><BR>Still, the DB is the real raison d&#039;etre for ASP, isn&#039;t it?<BR><BR>

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    What else are you looking to do with it, I just created 3 Interactive ASP games for my families website so that we can all play games with each other and chat over the internet

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