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    Dvorak Guest

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    I have a URL in the form:<BR><BR>""<BR><BR>I need to place into a variable "images/..."<BR><BR>Can someone tell me how to do this? Obviously, there could be any number of subfolders under "images" so I need the string to start at "/images/" and end at the next quote mark (")<BR><BR>The catch is, I need to delete the first "/" from the start of the string. I want "images/..." and NOT "/images/..."<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    No problem<BR><BR><BR>use the split function (split at /)<BR><BR>get all the values into an array then leave the first 3 elements out and then loop through the array concatinatine them with a /<BR><BR>

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    Check out RIGHT(), LEFT(), MID(), INSTR(), and INSTRREV() to accomplish this.

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    if i am right u need to store everything from /images into a variable.right?<BR><BR>if it is so, u can say<BR><BR>URL=""<BR>var=mid(URL,instr(URL,"/images"))<BR><BR>which will give the string from /images.<BR>

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