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    Sunny Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I have a memo field where there is some hyperlinked text such as for more information look at "http://www.microsoft.com".<BR>When I am displaying the memo field from the database, the microsoft.com is not linked. <BR>Can somebody tell me why?<BR><BR>THANKS.

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    hyperlinks are created when anchor tags are wrapped around the URL e.g. &#060;a href="http://www.microsoft.com"&#062;Microsoft&#060;/a&#062; !

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    Sunny Guest

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    Thanks for your response. How can I have this as a linked?<BR>I a getting this memo field value from the responder. I can not tell them to write with anchor tag. Is there any way I can make it as linked when retrieving from the database?<BR><BR>Any help would be highly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    IF you have set it up so that a user is submitting a form to a memo field, the i guess there will be a URL text field in the form for them to fill out ? is so, wrap the anchor tags around the string that thyy pass to you. be careful, as spaces in hrefs cause Netscape to have a malformed URL syntax, so wrap Server.UrlEncode(string) around the http:// address itself !

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    response.write "&#060;A href=&#039;" & Rs("URL") & "&#039;&#062;Microsoft&#060;/A&#062;"

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    Sunny Guest

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    Thanks a lot for your help.<BR>I am sorry. I don&#039;t think I made my question clear. When somebody post a reply to a message just like here sometimes, they give a link to a website. You can directly click that link and get to the web site. I want to do like that.<BR>Because when a responder reply to a question, automaticalyy it goes to reply table and posted in the forum.<BR>Is it clear now?<BR><BR>THANKS.<BR>

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