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    Ty Robbins Guest

    Default Questions about ListBoxes and Data

    I have created a fairly simple application using principles from the MS Data Form Wizard Tutorial. I have a fully functional application that creates new records, updates current records and has both a list and a form view.<BR><BR>I went to add filter capabilities and the filter works great. The problem is that now the update function doesn&#039;t work correctly. If I update a record, all fields in a textbox update correctly, but any fields in a list box don&#039;t update at all. But they did before I added the filtering capability.<BR><BR>I am thinking that I have an issue with the Data Type that is populating the listboxes. Each listbox&#039;s data is from a separate table that has a data type of varchar 50.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks. Ty

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    Ty Robbins Guest

    Default This is a first!!

    I haven&#039;t ever posted a question that didn&#039;t get a response within a hour let alone two. Is this a bad question?<BR><BR>Ty

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