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    I&#039;ve a technical question, i&#039;m scheduling the execution of an asp script like this (in a vbs file):<BR>Dim IE<BR>Set IE = CreateObject ("InternetExplorer.Application")<BR>ie.navigate("h ttp://")<BR>Set IE = Nothing<BR><BR>And I don&#039;t know why but sometimes the page is executed and sometimes no : WHY ? The scheduled task is executed but not the page : when i&#039;m looking in my web server log, I see that this page has not been executed !<BR>Have you an idea ?

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    Probably the page is being cached, either by IE or by an intervening Proxy server. Try setting IE to refresh the page on every visit (Tools &#124 Internet Options &#124 General &#124 Temporary Internet Files - Settings)<BR><BR>Dunc

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