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    I have an Access Database with a table ARTIKEL in it. I need a simple search routine in VB Script, that looks in two fields of the database for a certain string that has been passed to this search page from a form.<BR><BR>I see some suggestions on this site, but I can&#039t get it to work. It must be simple.<BR><BR>BR<BR><BR>Marco Kooreman

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    Use an SQL query with the LIKE keyword and use % symbols as wildcards. So to find "Joe" in field "Name" use "SELECT * from TheTableName WHERE Name LIKE &#039%Joe%&#039". To return the occurences in 2 fields just add an OR ("WHERE Field1 LIKE &#039%Joe%&#039 OR Field2 LIKE &#039%Joe%&#039").<BR><BR>Grant D. Skinner<BR>Director,

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