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    I want to automatically send an e-mail to users confirming the details they have just input into an asp - linked to an Access db. Can anyone supply me with the code that can take the user&#039;s email address and automatically send this email when they submit their details.<BR>

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    &#039; Assuming you are asking them for their email addr on submit page<BR><BR>&#039; Input the stuff to the database<BR>....<BR>&#039; Send email<BR>set inq=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR> Set msg=inq.CreateTextFile("PATH_TO_mailrootmessage2.t xt", True)<BR>msg.WriteLine("From: xxxxx" )<BR>msg.WriteLine("To: " & Request.Form("field_name")<BR>msg.WriteLine("Subje ct: xxxxx" & xxxx)<BR>msg.WriteBlankLines(1)<BR>msg.WriteLine(" whatever you want to say")<BR>&#039; then the submitted info<BR>msg.WriteLine(Request.Form("field1")<BR>ms g.WriteLine(Request.Form("field2")<BR>msg.WriteLin e(Request.Form("field3")<BR>&#039; repeat ad nauseum<BR>msg.WriteBlankLines(1)<BR>msg.Close<BR>

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