@Language necessary in includes?

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Thread: @Language necessary in includes?

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    Default @Language necessary in includes?

    Is it necessary to have the &#060;%@Language="VBScript"%&#062; at the beginning of included files if its not the first thing to get run?<BR><BR>

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    Default @Language almost *illegal* in includes

    You are ONLY allowed to put in *one* &#060;% @ ... %&#062; line in *all* of your ASP code. So if you have one in your main file, then you can NOT have one in your INCLUDE file or you will get an error!<BR><BR>Since it is *possible* that you may wish, someday, to use something like &#060;% @ LCID = xxxx %&#062; (to specify a different "locale" than what the server defaults to) in some of your pages, and since you certainly wouldn&#039;t want *that* in the include files, I think it would be a *huge* mistake to put &#060;% @ ... %&#062; in an include file.<BR><BR>Ehh??

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