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    I need just that, to select a random record from a record set.<BR>I tryed this:<BR>rs.Open "SELECT x * FROM ScreenShots ORDER BY ss_id", "DSN=DataBase"<BR><BR>nothing doin, any ideas?<BR><BR>Also, I wanted to thank you guys for helping me trough my first database driven site. This random Gen is the last of the code that I need till I publish. I&#039;ll come back and post a link in a day or so. Ive learned a Ton in the last week(didnt even know how to show information from a databse, or even make a database at that) now I can page through records, display them in any which way, Filter out only records with Like names, to Only displaying a DataType once with DISTINCT(love this). I think I rambled enough=)<BR>thanks all

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    From the top of my hat how abotu get the number of records then generating a random number and then moving to that number and useing that data.

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