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    Hey Guys.. I hav problem ie,<BR>i would like to print an Webpage.<BR>the web page doesn&#039;t hav a toolbar and there has to be icon (printer, which is hyperlink)and when I click on this icon i should be able print the same page with a print preview of the same webpage.<BR><BR>RKS

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    hi,<BR><BR>IE 5 has the option to bring up the printer window, but YOU as the user must instruct which printer to print to. to date, i have NO knowledge of a web page automatically printing documents to printers without user interaction. you can certainly provide a printable page of your content, like 4guysfromrolla, but to do it on the fly ? - NAH ! printer functions are part os the OS, and a web browser has access to those environments, NOT a web page. capiche ?

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