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    OK,<BR><BR>I have 3 drop down list boxes. first one is enabled and other 2 are dissabled.<BR>I want to enable the 2nd list box only if an item from the 1st list box is selected. i am assuming i can do this using "on Change" method. so once the 2nd list box enable i want to enable the 3rd listbox only if an item selected from the 2nd list box.<BR><BR>is this possible? how?

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    Try This...<BR>On window_onload<BR>&#039;&#039;&#039;disable the two combo boxes by<BR>document.formname.combobox1.disabled=true<BR >document.formname.combobox2.disabled=true<BR><BR> On the onchange event of the first drop down <BR>&#039;&#039;&#039;this enables the control<BR>document.formname.controlname.disabled= false<BR><BR><BR>Hope this helps..<BR><BR>GI

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    Default That only works in MSIE...

    Only MSIE supports the "disabled" property for form fields.<BR><BR>If you want to be "universal", you&#039;ll have to use the "onFocus" event handler to disallow the user to even "touch" the 2nd or 3rd list until you are ready.<BR><BR>Incidentally, this is *NOT* an ASP question.<BR><BR>

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