I am getting frustrated at how to resolve my situation. I have detailed my basic problem as follows:<BR><BR>Frame1 contains a hidden text field and links that display into Frame2.<BR><BR>Frame2 displays the links from Frame1.<BR><BR>What I need is to set the text field in Frame1 to a session variable value when the page in Frame2 is loaded. I am doing this because I need to read the value in the text field in order to load the page in Frame2 properly. Frame2 is in essence telling itself how to load up. This was my solution for sharing a single variable between JavaScript and VBScript. (The JavaScript is used to read the text field from Frame1, and do some other Javascript-limited processing in the page in Frame2. And VBScript is used to set the value of the textbox.) <BR><BR>This current solution is giving me problems because I think I&#039m asking things from both the client & server that is not possible. Can someone show me the light? <BR><BR>Appreciating your help, Andy