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    I want to host 2 domain names on one server.<BR><BR>Right now I have one domain name set up on the server and it works fine. I also have another domain name with Domain Name Forwarding. It simply get forwarded to the first site.<BR><BR>I want to be able to host the 2 different sites on one server. Doea anyone know what this entails? Shopuld the DNS info be the same for booth or could they be different?<BR><BR>- Thanks<BR>- Nathan Masek<BR><BR>

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    there are three ways to achieve your desired end with IIS 5.0:<BR><BR>1 - assign two IPs to the server and the assign one IP to the first virtual web server and the second IP to the second virtual web server (this is the method I prefer) You must then associate the IPs with domain names in the DNS table if you want the names to resolve.<BR><BR>2 - use one IP address but different ports for the different servers 80 on the first and then 81 on the second (you can use whatever ports you wish as long as nothing else is using them) - I have used this and it also works well<BR><BR>3 - the last way I have never tried, and that is by setting an HTTP header variable. <BR><BR>hope this helps,<BR><BR>bart

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    use the same ip address but give the second website a different host header name. If you are using a dns server then have the second websites host header name and ip address added if you are using an isp&#039;s dns then you will have to phone them up and ask if they will point the new websites host header name your ip address

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    you don&#039;t need to phone your ISP or mess with your DNS if you don&#039;t want to, I&#039;ve done it using host header names which is somewhat simpler.<BR><BR>you set it up as follows:<BR>right click over your virtual server and select properties.<BR>in the web site tab select advanced, then click add.<BR>Enter the IP address (IP of your webserver) port and host header name (domain name). Click OK. Do this for both sites. NB, the IP address and port will be the same, just the header name will be different.<BR><BR>Now find a file called &#039;hosts&#039; on your server (I beleive its in your windowssystem32drivers dir - or just run a find for it)<BR><BR>open the file in a text editor and add entries as follows:<BR><BR> localhost (should already be there)<BR>XXX.XXX.XX.XX<BR>XXX.XXX.XX.XX<BR><BR>As with the sites the IP address for both entries will be the same, just the domain name will be different.<BR><BR>Assuming your ISP is managing your domain names, and their DNS entries map both names to your server&#039;s IP address you&#039;ll be up and running.<BR><BR>Hope this helps : )

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